Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

The 2020 & 2021 ILI Annual Meetings were canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In 2022, the Most Upworthy Master is planning to hold an online gathering so that we can devote all our energy toward the 2023 Houdini Event & 70th ILI Annversary.

The Magic Castle

“The Magic Castle, the clubhouse of the Academy of Magical Arts, is private, allowing entrance only to members and their guests, or through courtesy invitations which are available to magicians visiting from out of the United States.

A typical evening—if there even is such a thing here—features magic shows that range from miracles right under your nose to full stage illusions that stun an entire room. The Castle is full of rare memorabilia and magnificent posters, so there’s a lot to see. There’s also a critically acclaimed full-service dining room and a number of unique bars, each with its own personality, making it easy to find just the perfect spot for whatever mood you’re in.

Don’t be surprised to look over your shoulder and find somebody performing a minor miracle. You’ll soon understand why your visit will be one of the most amazing evenings you’ve ever experienced.”

Notice: Although The Magic Castle is a private club, you are attending as a guest of the Invisible Lodge; membership in The Magic Castle is not required for you to attend our meeting. The club’s dress code does apply to our members & guests.

The ILI Annual Meeting begins with the new, private initiation ceremony, surrounded by the props, displays, and busts of renowned magicians, many of whom were Freemasons. After the initiation, the business meeting of the Invisible Lodge International is held, including a solemn ceremony for those who have passed on to the unknown world.

At the meeting’s conclusion, a group meal is served to our Lodge in one of the Magic Castle’s dining rooms. Following that, all are encouraged to attend the shows and mingle with the members and visitors of the Magic Castle for the remainder of the evening. It is, without a doubt, a night you will never forget.

Attendance at our annual meeting requires advanced reservations, please RSVP to inform us of your interest in attending.