The Invisible Lodge International is honored to be able to recognize the contributions of our membership to their fellow man, magicians and the world, with the following awards:

The Zina Bennett Award

Presented to a member who has given five or more gratis performances before an audience consisting of Masonic Brothers and their dependents who reside in a Masonic Home for the Aged, a Masonic Orphanage or those children confined in a Shrine Hospital.

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Lifetime Performance Recognition Award

This special merit award is presented to performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding significance to the field of magic.

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Wizard's Master Award

Presented to those Brothers who have achieved the 33° in Masonry It reflects the high regard in which we hold these Brothers and their proficiency in the Masonic Craft.

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Harvey Award

Presented to a member for their Exemplary Service to the Honorary Association of Masonic Magicians at Work Under the Jurisdiction of the Known and Unknown World

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The Invisible Lodge International recognizes members for their commitment to our order and the magical arts with the following honors:

Order of Brewerton H. Clarke

For 50 years of active membership.

Bill Pitts 1953


For 25 years of active membership.

Bill Pitts 1953
David Price, III 1967
Dr. Lisle Snyder 1970
Jerome Jacobson 1972
Artie C. Kidwell 1972
Lee Grabel* 1972
Jerry Zimmerman 1972
Jim Dunn 1973
Mike Millet 1973
Floyd Orr 1973
S. Brent Morris 1974
Bill Winzig 1974
Charles Pfrogner 1974
John Rasmus 1974
Jim Russell 1974
Dennis Reed 1974
John Apperson 1974
Roger B. Miller 1975

Jesse Langston, Jr. 1975
Jim Henson 1975
Donald L Gilbert 1975
William Rauscher 1975
Richard Schmidt 1975
Walter Graham 1976
Barry Kaufman 1976
Graham Etherington 1976
Jerry Novak 1976
Carl Ballentine* 1977
Jack Greenberg 1977
Don Stiefel * 1977
Don Potts 1978
Eytan Ayalon 1979
Duff Johnson 1979
Kenneth Euton 1979
Willis Utter 1979
Trevor Lewis 1980

C. David Williams 1980
Stan Kramien* 1980
W. Gary Norton 1980
Rod Sipe 1981
Kenneth Foerster 1981
Kermit Leonard 1982
Harry Garrison* 1982
Alan Watson 1982
Leo Hagland 1983
Monte Smith 1984
Jesse Smith 1984
Peter Reveen* 1985
Norris Priest 1985
Don Greenberg 1985
Sid Radner 1985
Herbert Zarrow
Chet Cowan
Jesse A. Smith 1990
P.C. Austin Jr. 1984