Corporate Events

Corporate Events

If you’ve been a part of virtually any workforce for at least 5+ years, then you know how much of a pain and a bumbling bore a corporate party can be…

Regardless, there is indeed a magic pill, which will swiftly turn the most boring corporate event into a flaming ride of fun and excitement – the magic show!

And despite an obvious conflict of interest, I can sincerely tell you that no other magic tricks show even slightly resembles my Grand Show!

Filled with both mystery & fun, humor & excitement – my magic shows were loved by tens of thousands and were booked hundreds of times!

Here’s a short list of my routine tricks I do at the corporate events: Hand Ability Routine; The Smoke Trick; Sawing a Girl in Half; Head Removal Trick; Catching the Bullets Trick; The Crossbow Headshot Trick; Escape Artist; Levitation; Metamorphosis etc…

Since the times I was just a little boy, I’ve been fascinated with the tricks that my grandfather pulled off to entertain me.

So the moment I asked him to teach me those tricks, my career path’s been sealed.

Now I am a world-famous magician, who gets around 250 event bookings every single year, entertaining thousands of people with my magic tricks!

People always loved magic, solely because of how entertaining watching all these tricks is. Make your event just as marvelous and fun and book either of my magic programs today!